Come and dive in the beautiful
 Dominican Republic!
Sosua, Dominican Republic


Dive Sites in the Sosua Area

Airport Wall

A 15 minute boat ride from Sosua Beach heading west, this is a 12 - 28 meter (39 - 92 feet) dive. The Airport Wall is considered by many one of the best dive spots on the island.  One has the possibility of doing 5 tanks or different dive profiles depending on experience or what you would like to see.  The wall has an unbelievable array of coral life both hard and soft, and an abundance of marine life from large Jewfish to the smallest little shrimp that live on the whip corals. Also you can go away from the wall and find some large pinnacles and tunnels that you can swim through that will take your breath away!

Mini Wall

A 5 minute boat ride from Sosua Beach - this site is also called Calle Sin Salida or El Matadero which means Dead End Street or the Slaughterhouse - the latter because there used to be a slaughterhouse in the area that threw all their waste into the water and this brought in a large amount of sharks and fish.  But it has since gone and with not enough food, it's very rare to spot sharks here.  The coral pinnacles are in a maze between sand patches and a slight slope that  drops down to 30 meters (100 feet).  On an average dive of 15 meters (50 feet) you  can spot anything from tuna to seahorses.

West Wall

200 yards from the boat ramp on Sosua Beach, this dive has a few deep rocks down at 40 meters (131 feet) and you can work your way up and have lots to see including schools of grunts and an array of reef fish, and even some pieces of train track from the long forgotten banana exporting facilities that were here in the 1950s.  Another favorite multi-level dive that can turn a nice deep dive into a long de-saturation dive!

Three Rocks and Coral Gardens

Three Rocks is a favorite for resort divers or first time divers. It is three coral rock pinnacles that sit in sand, on one side 4 meters (13 feet) deep and on the other 7.5 meter (25 feet). Since it's all sand around the coral, less experienced divers don’t have to worry about breaking or hitting the coral and can still see anything from big fish to the tiniest of shrimp. More experienced divers can start here and go down into the Coral Gardens where you can reach depths of 24 meters (80 feet) and some really nice patches of soft corals with lots of fans and whips. Here you can normally find the spotted sand snake eel, which is a meter long eel that lives in the sand just leaving its eyes out of the sand to catch unsuspecting fish swimming along the reef.


Located right in middle of Sosua Bay, this dive is also a favorite for novice divers as it starts in about 10 meters (33 feet) of water and can go up to 30 meters (100 feet) down in the bay.  Here you can find an encrusted anchor from maybe hundreds of years ago that many just swim over as it is so encrusted in rock, some very big barrel sponges and a protected number of reef fish! This dive is called the canyon as you can swim through the canyon and head either north or south.

Zingara Wreck

A 15 minute boat ride from Sosua, heading east, a 30 meter (100 feet) long freighter that was sunk on purpose for diving by a dive shop owner named Hans in 1992, sits in 35 meters (117 feet) of water. As it sits in open ocean its affected a little by the currents and harsh winter swells but even so it has an abundance of marine life including a few that call this home like a big green moray and big great barracuda.  Since it is a deep dive we like to do this as a multi-level dive going from the wreck to the reef that sits south of the wreck, making a 35 to 40 minute dive and not just a 17 minute dive on the wreck!

5 Rocks

A 10 minute boat ride west of Sosua Beach, 5 rocks is just that - 5 huge coral rock formations that span out about 100 meters (128 feet) or the length of a football field. Here you can go around the rocks at any depth from 4 meters (13 feet) to 18 meters (59 feet). Here you can also snorkel or free dive.  You can   see a lot of crabs, lobster, octopus, and different corals both hard big brain and lots of different soft sponges.

La Puntilla

This site is a shallow dive of 9 meters (less than 30 feet). It has some interesting swim through and passages between the huge rocks that have fallen from the wall to create an interesting dive spot where you can find barracudas, rays and other fish that seem to like the rocky surge here close to the wall.